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The United Nations Human Rights Office supported us in the ‘Voices from the underground’ project: Helena from Mozambique is unable to access compensation after her husband died working in the South African mines; she is not alone in her suffering. …

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Acting Judges

The Johannesburg Society of Advocates hosting a workshop on acting judges in Rivonia on 29 – 31 May 2015. Speakers included Justice Brand (as designate for the Chief Justice), Justice Majiedt, Judge President Mlambo, Deputy Judges President Mojapelo and Ledwaba, …

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Magical Magoebas

“There are places that you visit where you take a tiny piece of it with you, possibly for memory, and then there are the places where you leave a bit of yourself behind, just so you can come back for …

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This is the first in the series of our portraits of #stateless people over the world. It is estimated that over 10 000 000 people are undocumented world-wide. Contact us if you feel you want to be part of the …

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The Good Holiday

The Good Holiday was founded by Onetwodee early 2013 as an online community of writers, photographers and filmmakers sharing tourism experiences that inspire sustainable lifestyles, closer to the earth and others – even when returning home. Ultimately developing a global …

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Earth Junkies

Daréll Lourens founded The Earth Junkies Foundation (EJF) in 2010 as global space where children from all over the world imaginatively build their relationships with nature and each other, distilling their values through listening and empathy, inspiring personal and social …

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As part of The Good Holiday (TGH) Onetwodee recently visited CapeNature’s Kogelberg Oudebosch Biosphere. This development in the epicenter of South Africa’s flower kingdom was done on an already existing footprint. It is the kind of architecture that is fundamental in getting …

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Canaan: The Promised land

Uncovering Land Reform in South Africa

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Preserving paradise while providing a greater range of opportunities for farmers keen to expand their income and nutritional benefits for their families.

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This award-winning establishment, in the most northern province of Mozambique, has been celebrated by many as one of the greatest examples of responsible tourism in Africa. And Nkwichi Lodge has the awards to prove it. In 2012 they won the …

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Onetwodee completed post production on this 48 min documentary entitled “Kinross, the story of a town” in February 2011. Commissioned by ESST and The National Department of Health, the film is set in a rural community in Mpumalanga Province, South Afica. It sets out to understand …

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Blissfully Lost

HIV/Aids awareness in Europe.

People learn through stories. Stories evoke emotion and open hearts and minds, allowing us to absorb their essence and wisdom. Onetwodee celebrates this centuries old tradition to inspire and create meaningful impact.

Daréll Lourens


The Things you Should Know


One-Two-Dee is a boutique non-fiction film production company established by Daréll Lourens in 2004. Since then One-Two-Dee has created world class documentary films, web-based advertising campaigns and initiated groundbreaking projects throughout Africa, Europe and the United States, focussing on social and environmental advocacy and personal stories that evoke emotion and open hearts and minds.
One-Two-Dee is known for its cutting edge visual style, always striving to elevate even the grimmest of subject matter to the level of visual poetry, a philosophy that One-Two-Dee holds dear.
With offices in Pretoria (South Africa) and Los Angeles (United States), One-Two-Dee has an international reach and outlook, drawing from a deep and broad well of international collaborators and experiences.


Since its inception in early 2006, Eentweedee has seen many changes and phases of growth. Focussing initially on theatre, Eentweedee staged successful productions in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and at the KKNK festival. It was in this time that Daréll began to hone her dense visual style, literally taking the stop motion, projection and lighting techniques she learned in her theatre work and applying them to a budding career as a conceptualiser and director of music videos.

In 2007 Eentweedee was asked by Global Studio to create New Mindsets, a 28 min documentary concering Goal 7 of the UN Taskforce; improving the lives of slum dwellers across the globe. Focusing on the Southern African cities of Johannesburg and Maputo, the film recorded a project where architecture and planning students from 1st world countries attempted to assist slum dwellers in improving their housing situation on their own by the passing on of simple building techniques.

2008 saw a more sustained shift from music videos, with Daréll beginning a two year stint as an in house director for the Television magazine show Kwela, and the production of Eentweedee’s first full length documentary, Blissfully Lost. Commissioned by the pharmaceutical company Boeringher Ingelheim, produced by Eentweedee and directed by Nele Jensen and Daréll Lourens, Blissfully Lost looked at the decline in HIV and Aids awareness in Western and Central Europe at the time. Charting an epic journey through the cities of Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Liverpool, Manchester, Delft and Paris, this 58 minute film was universally admired, described variously as, “like an extended music video… leading the viewer on a journey through time and place” and, “a beautiful and important film” by its viewers. Following this Eentweedee Directed, Produced and Edited L’Eau Qui Dort for IFAS, a short format documentary on Melancholy and its relationship to stage acting in Paris (France), partly photographed and edited Afrika(e)Motion for Goethe Institutes in South Africa, (Ghana, Abijan and Mozambique), and Directed and Edited the 24 part cooking show Ziets, starring Elzabe Zietsman. Eentweedee completed post production on their second full length documentary entitled “Kinross, the story of a town” in February 2011. Commissioned by ESST and The National Department of Health, the film is set in a rural community in Mpumalanga Province, South Afica, and specifically questions why, even after a relatively successful education and awareness campaign by Governement and various other agencies, HIV infection rates remain high in the rural areas.

The years 2011 to present saw a great focus on environmental advocacy where Daréll founded the Earth Junkies Foundation that develops the First Global Children’s Charter for the Rights for Nature. Alongside her partners in the USAand South Africa, they started a US based 501c3 Public Charity as a sponsorship channel. Earth Junkies was supported initially by the South African NPO Well Worn Theatre Company, actively developed alongside Hearth Heritagein Cape Town and financially endorsed by Artist Project Earth in the UK. Earth Junkies now stands firmly on its feet and its recent developments and travels can be followed on Facebook or Twitter.

In 2012 Eentweedee also produced a short film on access to Law Reporting in Africa for a screening in New York and developed multimedia training videos for Africalii, Africa’s Leading online support portal for access to free legal information. She also worked alongside Kosie Smit of Kosie House of Theatre to amongst other projects film and edit the prestigious Mr. Gay World event that was held in South Africa in 2012.

Begininng 2013 Eentweedee produced the Part One of a four part documentary series ‘Canaan: The Promised Land’ with financial support from Beneson Agri and the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform. Read more on the project here.

Currently Daréll focusses on her new screenplay for the documentary ‘Rain Queen’, set in the rural lands of Modjadji, Limpopo, South Africa. This project is supported by the National Film and Video Foundation of South Africa.In addition Eentweedee now actively grows a new initiative, The Good Holiday, which profiles responsible tourism establishments in the form of short form video marketing in and around Southern Africa.

Current dreams and discussions for future projects can be found here.

Daréll Lourens


Jean Zenan


Catherine van Schoor


Our Services

What we really can provide


We are a creative digital media agency based in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Los Angeles. Our specialties are long-format documentary, scriptwriting, photography and online video concept development.


There’s a great story to be told about your hotel, lodge, restaurant or attraction. It has colorful characters, a touch of romance, adventure and rich imagery. It’s what sets you apart. What makes you one of-a-kind. It is your brand story, and if you’re not telling it you’re not creating desire.

We produce evocative, informative, professional and engaging video content – ideal for online advertising and social media. Our marketing service ensures it gets seen and gets customers through your door. A strong online presence is essential for any establishment to remain visible, relevant and popular. Let Eentweedee tell your brand story and give your audience a taste – which will no doubt quickly turn into a bite.


Although Eentweedee’s focus lies in documentaries, advocacy and online video marketing, we do like to film special events in people’s lives from time to time. Our style is unique and offers the client a fresh approach and something that keeps their memories safe in an non-cmmercial form. Whether you need a special engagement video, a online video invitation for the big day or simply a portrait of your family or friends, why not contact us for a quote?

Here is our idea of a cool wedding invitation. This one we made for Oliver and Emmylou in Cape Town.

This is a lovely account of a wedding we filmed in the infamous Fugard Theatre

We also once filmed a very beautiful wedding in the Freestate. Here the bride puts on her white gown.

We have also spent a week with Mr. Gay world and filmed the short doccie of this fabulous event in 2012.

Feature film

Over the last decade, the documentary has grown in popularity and impact, affecting social and political change, as well as introducing audiences to campaigns, ideas and individuals.

As documentary filmmakers we focus on delivering quality and engaging documentary entertainment to an international audience. We craft personal stories against backdrops of important social issues that provoke debate, inspire action and emotionally engage the viewer.

We are always on the look-out for more engaging stories and campaigns to partner with. Our most recent feature documentary deals with Land Reform in South Africa. See the first part of this feature on our website or look at some other documentaries we have produced in the past.

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