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Magical Magoebas

“There are places that you visit where you take a tiny piece of it with you, possibly for memory, and then there are the places where you leave a bit of yourself behind, just so you can come back for …

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This is the first in the series of our portraits of #stateless people over the world. It is estimated that over 10 000 000 people are undocumented world-wide. Contact us if you feel you want to be part of the …

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The Good Holiday

The Good Holiday was founded by Onetwodee early 2013 as an online community of writers, photographers and filmmakers sharing tourism experiences that inspire sustainable lifestyles, closer to the earth and others – even when returning home. Ultimately developing a global …

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Earth Junkies

Daréll Lourens founded The Earth Junkies Foundation (EJF) in 2010 as global space where children from all over the world imaginatively build their relationships with nature and each other, distilling their values through listening and empathy, inspiring personal and social …

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As part of The Good Holiday (TGH) Onetwodee recently visited CapeNature’s Kogelberg Oudebosch Biosphere. This development in the epicenter of South Africa’s flower kingdom was done on an already existing footprint. It is the kind of architecture that is fundamental in getting …

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Canaan: The Promised land

Uncovering Land Reform in South Africa